Liverpool vs Real Madrid Prediction and Odds

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Prediction: Liverpool is Predicted to win against Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions league.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid score prediction: Liverpool: 2, Real Madrid: 1

Statistical analysis is based on historical performance. Player performance in the match may not necessarily replicate recent performances

Liverpool and Real Madrid will square off in the first leg of their thrilling round of 16 Champions League matchup at Anfield Stadium. Liverpool will be attempting to avenge their loss of the last Champions League final, therefore the match is anticipated to be an exciting game. After a disastrous performance in the Premier League, Liverpool’s season may be made or undone by the outcome of the Champions League.

Real Madrid has been inconsistent and hampered by injuries since the World Cup. Los Blancos is experienced in taking home major championships, but Madrid would be mindful of the Threat Red presents.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Prediction: Last 5 games analysis


  • Home has been a happy hunting ground for Liverpool in the last five matches. Liverpool have won 4 and lost 1. Liverpool are aggregating 08-02 in the last five matches.
  • Liverpool has three clean sheets in the last 5 matches.
  • Liverpool has been good against the Champions league Winners, Liverpool has conceded only two goals in three matches and are aggregating 6-2 against them.

Real Madrid

  • Real Madrid has been not that great in the last 5 away matches. Real Madrid have won two, lost two and drawn one. Real Madrid are aggregating 10-8
  • one of those 5 games were clean sheets
  • Real Madrid have been above par against the Premier league sides. Real Madrid won one and lost one and are aggregating 4-4 against them.

Liverpool is comfortably ahead on the momentum.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Goal Prediction


  • Liverpool has scored an average of 1.6 goals per game (last 5 home games) while conceding 0.4 goals per game
  • Most of the first goals came in the second half with an average of 47 minutes.
  • Along with an average of 2.06 goals allowed each game, Liverpool has been averaging 1.14 Expected goals. (All Champions League matches 2022/2023)

Real Madrid

  • Real Madrid has scored an average of 2.0 goals per game and Conceded 1.6 goals.
  • Most of the first goals came in the second half with an average of 56th minutes.
  • Real Madrid has an expected goals scored 2.20 goals and conceded 1.27 goals.

Liverpool has the home advantage in the game with a likely score of 2-1 with the highest probability followed by 2-2 and 1-1.

Highlights from the last Champions League Finals

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Prediction: Who is likely to score a goal?


  • Mohamed Salah has appeared in 6 games, taken 16 shots overall with 12 of them finding the target, and scored 7 goals. Mohamed Salah averages 24 passes per game, completes them 85% of the time, and assisted once.
  • Roberto Firmino has appeared in 6 games, taken 3 shots overall with 2 of them finding the back of the net, and scored 2 goals. Roberto Firmino averages 29 passes per game, completes them 82% of the time, and contributes 1 assist.

Real Madrid:

  • Vinicius Junior has participated in 6 games, taken 20 total shots, 12 of which have been on target, and he has scored 4 goals. Vinicius Junior averages 36 passes per game, completes 82% of his passes, and has 1 assist.
  • Rodrygo has appeared in 6 games, taken 15 shots overall with 8 of them finding the back of the net, and scored 3 goals. 90% of the passes Rodrygo makes during a game are completed, and he also averages 1 assist.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Prediction: Defence Analysis

Liverpool have conceded an average of 1 goal per game. In terms of expected goals, Liverpool has given up 1.14 goals per game.

On the other hand, Real Madrid has conceded 1 goal per game and in terms of expected goals, Real Madrid has conceded 1.27 goals per match.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Prediction: Head-to-Head Statistics

Matches: 08 |Liverpool: 03 |Draw: 01| Real Madrid: 05

Last 5 matches: | Liverpool:0 | Draw:1| Real Madrid: 4

Last Meeting: Real Madrid defeated Liverpool 1-0 in their last fixture in the Champions league Final.

This fixture by the Numbers: Last Five games (total and Home)

  • This fixture has seen 2.0 goals per match between both sides.
  • Liverpool has scored 0.2 goals per match in the last 5 games against Real Madrid.
  • Real Madrid has scored 1.8 goals per match against Liverpool.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Prediction: Injuries and Team News


  • Luis Diaz has begun to move and is almost ready to return for the Reds. Diaz was hurt in a warm weather workout in December.
  • Since December, Roberto Firmino has been out injured, but the No. 9 has returned to the Merseyside team at Anfield.
  • Due to a significant leg injury, Diogo Jota experienced a serious setback in October and was unable to make the World Cup team for Portugal.

Real Madrid:

  • Eden Hazard has been sidelined due to Patellar Injury and is likely to miss the game against Liverpool.
  • Ferland Mendy too is likely to miss an Important Clash against Liverpool due to Semimabranous Muscle Injury.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid Score Prediction

  • Liverpool has the momentum advantage
  • Liverpool is stronger on the Attack
  • Liverpool is stronger on Defense
  • Overall: Liverpool to win

Score with the highest probability: Liverpool: 2, Real Madrid: 1, Others with moderate probability Liverpool: 2, Real Madrid: 2, Liverpool: 1, Real Madrid: 1

The game between two European giants is expected to be a classic. Liverpool will start as the favorite as they are playing at home. This season’s statistics also suggest Liverpool can win this game, but Los Blancos has repeatedly demonstrated why they have the most trophies in Europe and should not be taken lightly or given a sniff.



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