Fulham vs Tottenham Prediction and Stats

Fulham vs Tottenham Prediction: Bookmakers favour the Spurs. However, the Stats indicate a Possible draw.

Fulham vs Tottenham: Other Predictions

  • Fulham is likely to score their first goal in the second half
  • Tottenham is expected to score the first goal in the second half
  • Mitrovic has the highest probability of scoring for Fulham
  • Harry Kane has the highest probability of scoring for Tottenham

Man City vs Tottenham Prediction: Fulham: 2, Tottenham: 2

Statistical analysis is based on historic performance. Player performance in the match may not necessarily replicate recent performances

Craven Cottage is set to host an exciting match on Monday between Fulham and Tottenham. The two sides come into this match in contrasting forms. This season, Fulham has been a revelation. It enters this matchup having won 4 of its previous 5 games. Tottenham, meanwhile, is in free fall after losing five of their past seven games.

Fulham vs Tottenham Prediction: Last 5 games analysis


  • In the last 5 home games, Fulham has won 3 games, lost one, and drawn one with an overall goal aggregate of 8-4.
  • There were two clean sheets in total in those matches.
  • In these 5 matches, Fulham played two top-10 teams. Fulham has won 1 and lost one with a total goal aggregate of 3-3.


  • Tottenham has won three out of the last five away games. Tottenham is 10-6 on aggregate in the last 5 away games.
  • Two of those 5 games were clean sheets
  • Tottenham has faced three top 10 teams in the last five games and has won one, drawn one, and lost one against them with an overall goal aggregate of 3-4.

Both teams are at par on Momentum

Fulham vs Tottenham Goal Prediction


  • In the last 5 home matches, Fulham scored an average of 1.6 goals. The average first goal came in the 58th minute
  • Fulham has averaged above Premier League goals. Fulham has an average of 1.6 goals per match. Fulham has scored 0.10 goals higher than the Premier league average.
  • Fulham averaged 4.2 shots on target per match and has a goal conversion rate of 42%. Fulham hit roughly 35% of shots on target from the total shots
  • Fulham has been more dominant at home. Fulham scored 1.80 goals per match with 62% of the goals coming in the second half.


  • This season, Tottenham has been reliable up top, scoring 1.9 goals per game. Tottenham outscored the typical Epl team by 0.4 goals.
  • Tottenham had averaged two goals in its previous five away games. The first goal was scored on average in the 48th minute.
  • Tottenham has a 34% goal conversion percentage with an average of 5.8 shots on target per game. Tottenham shoots 5.8 shots on target out of 14.2 shots.
  • Tottenham has averaged 1.7 goals in away fixtures with 12 of its 16 goals coming in the second half.

A scoreline of 2-2 is most likely

Fulham vs Tottenham Odds


  • Fulham: 9/4
  • Tottenham 117/100

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Fulham vs Tottenham Prediction: Who is likely to score a goal?


  • Aleksandar Mitrovic has played 16 games, taken 56 shots overall with 27 finding the target, and scored 11 goals. Aleksandar Mitrovic averages 21 passes per game, completes 62% of his passes, and has 1 assist.
  • Bobby Reid has played 19 games, taken 14 shots overall with 7 finding the target, and scored 4 goals. With a pass completion percentage of 72% and an assist rate of 1, Bobby Reid averages 29 passes per game.


  • Harry Kane has played 19 games, taken 49 shots overall with 34 finding the target, and scored 15 goals. With a pass completion percentage of 72% and an assist rate of 1, Harry Kane averages 23 passes per game.
  • Son Heung-Min has played 16 games, taken 33 shots overall with 23 of them finding the target, and scored 4 goals. Son Heung-Min averages 24 passes per game, completes 81% of his attempts, and registers 2 assists.

Fulham vs Tottenham: Defence Analysis


  • In the last 5 home games, Man City kept a clean sheet in one game and the average first goal was conceded in the 40th minute.
  • Fulham conceded 0.8 goals on average at home (last 5 games).
  • Fulham has however been sub-par in all matches this season and conceded 1.45 goals on average.
  • Fulham’s two defensive statistics are below average. Fulham has conceded more shots, as well as shots on target.
  • Fulham has conceded 1.5 goals per match at home in total and has 2 clean sheets in the 10 matches.
  • Fulham’s conceding pattern is slightly tilted toward the second half. Fulham conceded 8 of the 15 goals in the second half at home.


  • In the last 5 away games, Tottenham kept a clean sheet in two games and the average first goal was conceded in the 28th minute.
  • The Spurs conceded 1 goal on average in away games (the last 5)
  • The Spurs have struggled on defense this season and have conceded 0.4 goals more than City.
  • The stats aren’t much better either with Tottenham struggling on major stats, Tottenham has conceded 14.3 shots with 4.47 on target. Hugo Lloris has struggled on save percentage averaging 1 percent lesser than the Premier League average.
  • Tottenham however has been slightly better away with 1.33 goals conceded per match with a clean sheet in 33% of matches.
  • Tottenham Hotspur conceded 8 of its 12 away goals in the second half.

Tottenham has an edge in defence

Fulham vs Tottenham Hotspur H2H Statistics

Matches: 111 | Fulham: 18 | Draw: 30 | Tottenham: 53

Recent 5 Meetings: Fulham: 0 | Draw: 1 | Tottenham: 4

Last Meeting: Tottenham Hotspur defeated Fulham by a score of 2-1 in a Premier League fixture on 03 Sep 2022.

Fulham vs Tottenham Prediction: Key highlights

  • In the past five matches, Tottenham hosted three and Fulham has hosted two.
  • Fulham is 0-2 against Tottenham at home.
  • The past five matches have seen 2.6 goals scored per match between both sides.
  • Fulham has scored 0.8 goals per match and conceded 1.8 goals per match

Tottenham vs Fulham Predicted Lineup

Tottenham Predicted Lineup:

Lloris; Doherty, Lenglet, Dier, Romero; Højbjerg, Sessegnon, Kulusevski, Sarr; Son, Kane

Fulham Predicted lineup:
Leno; Tete, Diop, Ream, Robinson; Reed, Palhinha; Decordova-Reid, Pereira, Willian; Mitrovic

Fulham vs Tottenham Winner Prediction

  • Both teams are at par on momentum.
  • Fulham has a superior attack
  • Tottenham has the edge on defense.
  • Overall: Draw

This game is expected to be a close one at Craven Cottage. As compared to their earlier encounter, in which Tottenham started as an overwhelming favorite based on statistics. Both sides will start the second leg on an equal footing. Fulham showed what they could do when they defeated Chelsea 2-1. Tottenham has not been that stellar recently

Score prediction: We believe this match will end in a draw. Although Fulham defeated Chelsea at home, Tottenham can be a much stiffer litmus test with the likes of Kane and Son in their lineup. Fulham: 2, Tottenham: 2



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