Top NFL Super Bowl Contenders in 2022

NFL 2022 is some months away but it is interesting to identify the TOP NFL Super Bowl Contenders in 2022. The Los Angeles Rams are the defending Super Bowl champions, and they got past the Cincinnati Bengals in a thrilling game. Both teams should be in the mix in 2022 as well, but there will be plenty of others. 

Here are some teams (in alphabetical order) to watch out for next season. 

Top NFL Super Bowl Contenders: Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have to feel like they were robbed last season as they lost a heartbreaking game to the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime. Buffalo was a popular pick to win the title, but they stumbled a bit down the stretch.

Quarterback Josh Allen and wide receiver Stefon Diggs form a deadly combination for the Bills, and this team can defend as well. Don’t be surprised to see Buffalo back in the mix to win a title in 2022. 

Top NFL Super Bowl Contenders: Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals came out of nowhere to win the AFC North Division in 2021, and that should be just the start for this team. Cincinnati appears to have all of the pieces in place to continue getting better and start winning some titles.

Quarterback Joe Burrow is a proven winner and the Bengals have surrounded him with some weapons. Cincinnati has plenty of confidence and they are going to be in the mix again in 2022 to compete for a title. 

Top NFL Super Bowl Contenders: Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys just continue to put up incredible numbers in the regular season, but that hasn’t led to much success in the playoffs. That is something that the Cowboys have to figure out moving forward, but the pieces are there. 

Dallas has an offense capable of scoring with anyone in the league, but they always seem to make bad decisions that cost them games. If the Cowboys can become more disciplined then they could win a Super Bowl title. 

Top NFL Super Bowl Contenders: Denver Broncos

You might be surprised to see the Denver Broncos on this list, but they are definitely going to be in the mix to win a Super Bowl in 2022. Denver made a big splash in acquiring Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks and he is a proven winner in the league. 

The defense has always been there for Denver and more production from the quarterback position could allow them to make a run. 

Top NFL Super Bowl Contenders: Green Bay Packers

As long as Aaron Rodgers is still under center for the Green Bay Packers then they are going to be in the mix. Rodgers has lost a few of his favorite targets, including superstar receiver Davante Adams.

Green Bay is another team that always seems to come up short in the playoffs, but the Packers are going to win the NFC North yet again. 

Top NFL Super Bowl Contenders: Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have had an interesting offseason and we haven’t even reached the NFL Draft. Kansas City parted ways with Tyreek Hill, and that could have a pretty significant impact on the offensive side of the ball for the Chiefs. 

Patrick Mahomes also needs to play better in 2022 as he got too careless with the football a year ago. This team will remain dangerous on offense, but there is still work that has to be done. 

Top NFL Super Bowl Contenders: Los Angeles Rams

Winning back-to-back Super Bowl titles is not an easy task, but the Rams look good enough to get it done. Los Angeles has already gotten even better this offseason, and they won’t be a fun team to deal with in 2022. 

Matthew Stafford is the perfect quarterback to run that offense, and the defense can be dominant. A lot can go wrong in an NFL season, but the Rams might be good enough to withstand anything. 

Top NFL Super Bowl Contenders in 2022

Top NFL Super Bowl Contenders: San Francisco 49ers

Every time you think you can count out the San Francisco 49ers, they just find another way to make a run. San Francisco snuck into the playoffs a season ago and then advanced all the way to the NFC Championship Game. 

There are still some questions and concerns for San Francisco moving forward, but this is a team that simply knows how to win. If you are placing a futures bet then you’ll find some valuable odds on this team. 

We may still be months away from the start of the 2022 NFL season, but you can already find Sports News to help with your future betting picks.

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