Which State Will Be Next to Legalize Online Sports Betting?

New York recently legalized Online Sports Betting, which State will be Next to Legalize it?

Last month saw the state of New York become the latest to legalize sports betting and it resulted in phenomenal numbers being posted by the licensed, regulated providers in the area, as well as helping rack up a massive sum in tax revenue.

The repercussions of the Empire State passing the relevant legislation are likely to be huge, and more and more states are lining up moves to join the ever-growing club of those that allow sports betting, be that online or offline. So which states will be next?

When it comes to the legal status of sports betting in the US, it’s very much a moveable feast, and on any given week or month, the playing field is altering. This is, of course, a good thing if you happen to have an interest in sports betting and the state you reside in doesn’t currently allow such activity.

Indeed it is very common for residents of certain states to simply drive across state lines and partake in betting once they have made that journey, which makes the whole process something of a mockery.

This is one of the reasons why New York finally legalized sports betting as they were seeing many of their residents driving to bordering states to enjoy a bet, and in doing so, they were losing out on crucial tax revenue.

Which State Will Be Next to Legalize Online Sports Betting?

As for which state might be next to allow legal sports betting, there is some speculation that it could be California, which would, of course, prove monumental in terms of the reach of sports betting in the US, such is the size and scale of the Golden State.

Moves to allow gambling in the state have been slow, to say the least, with a state-operated lottery being the first time California allowed such activity, and that launched way back in 1984.

Then tribal casinos opened, offering some semblance of casino action in some areas, which in turn helped them become key figures in the political scene, which allowed them to push for actual casinos.

This year Californians will be able to vote on the legalization of sports betting, which is legal in some form or another in 30 states. Passing that legislation would earn the state huge sums in revenue, and the general feeling is that voters may well pass the vote, with 45% currently happy to vote for the bill with 33% against it.

Given the amount of money made during the opening weeks of the New York opening, those in positions of power in California will no doubt be licking their lips at the prospect of massive funds to boost their budgets.

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