Wizards vs Jazz Prediction: Statistical Analysis

Wizard vs Jazz Prediction: As per Statistical Analysis, form and data analysis Jazz are predicted to win this game.

This Saturday Western Conference leaders, Utah Jazz travel to Washington DC to take on the Washington Wizards 6-6. Tipoff will be at 6:00 PM EST inside Capital One Arena.

Utah Jazz is riding a four-match winning streak. Jazz has won 3 of its last three away games and is coming off a 125-119 win against Atlanta Hawks.

The Washington Wizards lost their way after a positive start and are currently 6-6 in the Eastern Conference. Washington Wizards in the last two matches had made a comeback winning against the Hornets and Mavericks.

Wizards vs Jazz Prediction: Key Stats

The wizards registered a second win in a row

The Wizards have won three of their last five games and are on a two-match winning streak. On the season, the Wizards are 6-6 and 6th in the Eastern Conference. They are 4 games back of the Bucks in the division standings. In their game against the Mavericks, the Wizards dropped the first quarter but came alive in the second quarter. There was no looking back. There was never a moment when the Wizards let up on the accelerator. Kyle Kuzma was on fire against the Mavericks, scoring 36 points and making 48.8% field goals and 40% 3-pointers.

Jazz doesn’t look like dropping a point

The Jazz has been on a roll this season with 8 wins and three losses and are on top of the Western Conference and are currently on a four-match winning streak. The last three away matches have seen the Jazz beat the Lakers, Clippers and Hawks with Markannen scoring heavily. The Jazz are coming off a tight contest against the Hawks (125-119) The Jazz won the first two quarters, but the Hawks made a comeback in the third quarter and whittled the Jazz’s lead, but they held on to win the final quarter. Jazz made 46.8 field goals and 43.6% of 3-pointers.

Wizards vs Jazz Prediction: Wizards Stats

  • In 6 home games this season, the Wizards have won 3 games with an average aggregate of 108-104
    • Number of games with a 3 or fewer points difference = 1
    • Number of games with a 4-10 points difference = 3
  • Defensively, the Wizards are 11th on the table with 22 rebounds allowed per match, but they are one of the worst on steals where allowing above-par steals per match.
  • This season, the Wizards have averaged 107.5 points per game with 46.7% of their field goals being made, and the Wizards have averaged 44.5 rebounds per game.

Jazz vs Wizards Prediction: Jazz Stats

  • This season, the Nets have averaged 118.7 points per game with a successful field goal percentage of 47.3%. The Jazz have been average on assists as well with an average assist of 27.7 per match.
  • The Jazz has won five of their eight away games this season with a win percentage of 62.5 and an away aggregate of more than 110 points.
  • The Nets average 8.6 steals, 5.5 blocks, and 44.7 rebounds per game.

Jazz vs Wizards odds

Jazz vs Wizards odds is in the favor the Jazz with most betting sites predicting the Jazz to win.


  • Jazz: -154
  • Wizards: +138


  • Jazz: -3.5 (-114)
  • Wizards: +3.5 (-106)

  • Total Points
  • Over 221.5: -110
  • Under 221.5: – 110

Wizards vs Jazz Prediction: Recent Form


With a 6-6 record this year, the Wizards have performed above average. The home aggregate is average at 3-3, which is a 50% home victory rate. With a 50% win rate, the road record is equally similar to its home record of 3-3.


Jazz (8-3) is currently riding a four-match winning streak and has been productive both at home and away this season, with a positive aggregate in all categories. Jazz has a 62.5% victory rate on the road but has not lost any games at home.

Jazz vs Wizards Head-to-Head Statistics

Between these two teams, 110 regular-season games have been played in NBA history. The Jazz are marginally in front with 59 victories. The Wizards have triumphed in 51 games. The Wizards have defeated the Jazz 3-2 in their last five games.

Last Meeting: Wizards defeated Jazz 109-103

Key Snippets:

  • The Wizards have scored 118 or more against the Jazz in three of their last five matches.
  • The Jazz has also scored 120 or more on four occasions against the Wizards.
  • The games have been close between both sides with a margin of 4-10 points separating both sides four times.
  • The biggest margin of victory between both sides belongs to the Jazz with 25 points.

Wizards vs Jazz Prediction: Players to Watch Out


Bradley Beal (Shooting Guard)

Points Per Game: 21.6 | Rebounds Per Game: 3. 6| Assists Per Game: 5.7

Porzingis (centre)

Points Per Game: 19.2 | Rebounds Per Game: 8.2 | Steals Per Game: 0.6

Kyle Kuzma (Small Forward)

Points Per Game: 18.8 | Rebounds Per Game: 7.7 | Assists Per Game: 2.4

Utah Jazz

Lauri Markannen (Power Forward)

Points Per Game: 22.7 | Assists Per Game: 2.7 | Rebounds Per Game: 8.6

Jordan Clarkson (Point Guard)

Points Per Game: 18.6 | Rebounds Per Game: 4.5 |Assists Per Game: 5.2

Colin Sexton (Point Guard)

Points Per Game: 13.7 | Rebounds Per Game: 2.8 | Assists Per Game: 1.8

Final Prediction

Given that the last five games between the two teams have averaged more than 225 points per contest, ride the over 221 points with a possible Jazz victory.



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