NBA 2022 Playoffs: Key Players for the Golden State Warriors Going into the Playoffs

NBA 2022 Playoffs: The Golden State Warriors have won a total of 6 Finals championships, with their latest victory occurring in 2018.

If you’re an NBA fan, you know that this time of year is arguably the most crucial for franchises across the league. With the playoffs on the brink of their arrival, each team is fighting it out for their rightful place in post-season fixtures. Everything leads up to the 2022 Finals series which is set to kick off on Thursday, June 2nd.

Victors will be given the prestigious Larry O’ Brien trophy and permanent bragging rights; last year’s winners, the Milwaukee Bucks, already know what this feels like. However, when looking ahead to June, a few teams stand out as top contenders for the 2022 title and one of these is undoubtedly the Golden State Warriors.

In fact, according to NBA odds by the experts, the Warriors are one of the top three franchises listed as Finals’ future winners. But who are the major playmakers that are going to help make this aspiration a reality? Although there is clearly no definite ‘I’ in the team, here are some of the Warriors’ key assets.

Klay Thompson

The Warriors were met with some extremely exciting news at the beginning of the new year, as Klay Thompson finally returned to the court after a 2-year period without playing. The extended leave was due to a ruptured Achilles tendon in his right knee, and after a series of surgeries, it was decided that Thompson needed an extended period of rest and recovery before returning to action.

Nowadays, the powerhouse shooting guard is proving he has not missed a beat, with some incredible post-injury performances and an average of 18 points per game. There’s no doubt he is a valuable asset, evident by the fact that head coach Steve Kerr has previously decided to rest Thompson for certain matches so that he is a guaranteed contributor in others.  There’s always the possibility of No. 11 could suffer an unexpected injury again, but for now, he is proving to be unstoppable.

Draymond Green

It’s clear competing teams in the NBA should not underestimate the power of Draymond Green. The Warriors are fortunate to have yet another supreme playmaker on their side, as the former Defensive Player of the Year recipient is the team’s leader in the number of assists per game (7.1) as well as blocks (1.1).

In fact, Green is probably one of the biggest reasons why the Warriors rank so high in the league defensively. Not to mention he is already a three-time champion. His athletic build also helps him out coming in at 6-feet-6 and 240 lbs. and with an impressive wingspan and standing reach that allows him to intimidate the opposition. As the Warriors continue to fight for their right to a title, Green will be a huge contributor to the pursuit.

NBA 2022 Finals

Curry still has the potential to shake things up on the playoffs court, so long as he can remain healthy

Stephen Curry

The latest news to shake the NBA is star guard Stephen Curry’s recent injury which he sustained in a game against Boston in the second quarter. He showed visible pain as the clutched his foot, and after evaluation, it became clear that Curry had sprained a ligament in his left foot.

However, in recent interviews with his trainer, there has been positive news and he has stated that he is optimistic Curry could return in time for the playoffs or a bit after. His trainer also notes that Curry’s overall ability to bounce back after injuries is exceptional. Hopefully Green and Thompson can hold the fort down during the next few games that Curry is unable to play in.

When Curry is healthy, he is one of the league’s best all-around shooters, putting up as many as 24.3 points per game. If he can return quickly as experts are already hinting to, he will be another valuable piece of the puzzle in California.  

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NBA 2022 Playoffs will be held after April 10th. The NBA 2022 Finals are Scheduled for June 19th, 2022



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