Suns vs Wizards Prediction and Odds

Suns vs Wizards Prediction and Odds: The Phoenix Suns are expected to win tonight against the Washington Wizards as per the latest prediction.

The Washington Wizards will face the Phoenix Suns in Tonight’s clash at the Capital One Arena in Washington DC.

The Wizards have lost momentum losing 7 of their last 10 games. Unseld Jr. needs to find some way to bring Washington’s campaign on track. His game plan is already heavily criticized and discussions are on for his replacement after an extremely disappointing performance by the Wizards this season (14 Wins 21 Losses). The Wizards are placed 12th in the Eastern Conference

The Phoenix Suns on the other hand have had an ordinary season to date. They failed to continue their dominance at home against the Washington Wizards in their last game as they faced a 3 points defeat at the hands of visiting Washington Wizards. The Suns are 20-15 in the season and ranked 5th in the Western Conference

The Suns are down 6 games in their last 10 appearances this season. Both the teams have, however, won their last games and will be hoping to extend their winning streak tonight.

Suns vs Wizards Prediction: Last 5 Games Analysis

Washington Wizards

  • The Wizards have won just 2 of their last 5 home games. They have scored an average of 117 points per game while conceding 119 points on an average
  • Three of these games ended with a margin of more than 10 points while two ended with a margin of 5-10 points

Phoenix Suns

  • The Phoenix Suns have won just 2 out of the last 5 away games. They have scored an average of 116 points per game while conceding 114 points on an average
  • One of the games ended with a margin of 3 points or lower, 1 ended with a gap of 5-10 points, and the rest with a gap of 10 points or more.

Wizards vs Sun Prediction and Odds: Rating Comparison

Offensive rating

  • Wizards – 112.0
  • Suns – 117.3

Defensive rating

  • Wizards – 114.3
  • Suns – 113.0

Suns are ahead both on Offensive and Defensive rating

Suns vs Wizards Odds

The odds are heavily in the favor of the Phoenix Suns given the performance of the two teams this season. The Suns are ahead in most of the offensive stats in the current season. The Wizards can hope to pose a strong challenge in the defense.

Devin Booker is currently on the list of questionable players for Tuesday. However, he is expected to play the next one for the Suns. Booker is averaging 28.0 points per game till now. On the other hand, the Washington Wizards will rely on Bradley Beal who has played with an average of 23.2 points per game so far. Beal just returned from an injury.


  • Washington Wizards: +2(-105)
  • Phoenix Suns: -2 (-109)


  • Washington Wizards: (+108)
  • Phoenix Suns: (-126)

Winning Probability:

  • Washington Wizards: 46%
  • Phoenix Suns: 54%

Suns vs Wizards Prediction and NBA Odds: Key Insights

Phoenix Suns is A Win Less Than the 4th Placed Clippers

The fight for the top position in the Western Conference is heating up. Denver Nuggets with 22 wins is top of the table while Los Angeles Clippers with 21 wins is 4th in the West. Phoenix Suns with 20 wins and the same number of defeats are 5th in the ranking. If the Suns manage to defeat the Wizards in tonight’s game, they will be ranked 4th in the Western Conference.

In their last game, the Phoenix Suns defeated the 3rd-placed Memphis Grizzlies. The win came after the 3 back-to-back defeats. For the Suns’ none of the players could score over 20 points. It was a complete team effort that helped them defeat Memphis Grizzlies in their backyard.

With a slow start in the 1st quarter with both teams scoring almost the same points it was the 2nd quarter that actually decided the game result. Suns pegged in 15 points more than the Grizzlies in the 2nd quarter and the game ended in a 17 points win for the visitors, Phoenix Suns.

Jack Landale scored the highest points for the Phoenix Suns. He added 16 points while Deandre Ayton pegged in 15 points for the Suns.

Wizards Look For Extending Their Winning Streak

The Washington Wizards are hoping to find their lost form after they lost 9 games in a row. In their last 10 games, they had only 3 wins. But the Wizards are undefeated in their last two games.

In their last game, the Wizards defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in their home game. The win came on the back of a win against the Sacramento Kings. Kristaps Porziņģis once again played a major role in the Wizards’ victory. He was the top scorer for the team with 24 points. He was well-assisted by Bradley Beal who added 19 points to the Wizards’ total.

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Suns vs Wizards Prediction and NBA Odds: Team Stats

Washington Wizards

  • The Washington Wizards have maintained an average of 110.6 points per game this season. They have a shooting accuracy of 47.3% in field goals and 34.5% in the 3-pointers. The Wizards played with an average of 24.8 assists per game.
  • In the defense, the Wizards rebounded with an average of 43.8 per game along with 6.8 steals and 5.6 blocks per game.

Phoenix Suns

  • The Phoenix Suns are averaging 115.2 points per game in the current season. They shot 47.1% from the field and 37.5% from the 3-point line. The average number of assists per game stands at 27.2.
  • The Suns rebounded with an average of 43.1 per game. The averages of steals and blocks are currently at 7.3 and 5.5 respectively.

Wizards vs Suns Prediction: Head-to-Head Stats

There have been a total of 133 regular season games between these two sides in the NBA. The battle looks close as the Washington Wizards are ahead by just 1 game with 67 wins. The Phoenix Suns won 66 matchups.

If we check out the last 5 meetings, the Suns dominated as they got 3 wins and the Wizards managed to win 2 of them. The previous meeting took place in the last season on 5 February 2022. The Washington Wizards won that contest with a score of 113-110.

Suns vs Wizards Prediction and NBA Odds: Players to Watch Out

Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal (Shooting Guard)

Points Per Game: 23.2 | Assists Per Game: 5.3 | Steals Per Game: 1.1

Kristaps Porzingis (Center)

Points Per Game: 22.4 | Rebounds Per Game: 8.9 | Blocks Per Game: 1.5

Kyle Kuzma (Small Forward)

Points Per Game: 21.3 | Rebounds Per Game: 7.7 | Assists Per Game: 3.5

Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker (Shooting Guard)

Points Per Game: 28.0 | Assists Per Game: 5.7 | Rebounds Per Game: 4.8

Booker’s participation in the next game is subject to fitness.

Deandre Ayton (Center)

Points Per Game: 17.0 | Rebounds Per Game: 9.5 | Assists Per Game: 2.2

Ayton’s participation in the next game is subject to fitness.

Mikal Bridges (Small Forward)

Points Per Game: 16.2 | Rebounds Per Game: 5.0 | Steals Per Game: 1.2

Wizards vs Suns Prediction: Injuries

Phoenix Suns

  • Jack Londale (Center)
  • Deandre Ayton (Center)
  • Duane Washington Jr. (Point Guard)
  • Devin Booker (Shooting Guard)
  • Cameron Payne (Point Guard)
  • Cameron Johnson (Power Forward)
  • Jae Crowder (Power Forward)

Washington Wizards

  • Rui Hachimura (Power Forward)
  • Delon Wright (Shooting Guard)

Wizards vs Suns Prediction and NBA Odds: Predicted Winner

The Washington Wizards defeated the Phoenix Suns in their last head-to-head game. However, looking at the form of both teams, the Wizards have struggled this season and despite being a host tonight, they will have to punch above their waist in order to defeat the visitors, Phoenix Suns.

The overall form and the head-to-head stats favor the Phoenix Suns over the Washington Wizards in this game. The odds and predictions are also in favor of the Suns.



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