Hornets vs Bucks Prediction and Odds

Hornets vs Bucks Prediction and Odds: The bookmakers have favored the host Milwaukee Bucks over the visitors’ Charlotte Hornets in the upcoming Bucks vs Hornets clash.

The Charlotte Hornets (15-36) will meet the Milwaukee Bucks (33-17) in their upcoming regular season game. The Hornets will be traveling to Milwaukee to face the challenge of the Bucks. The Hornets are presently in the 14th spot in the Eastern Conference. The Hornets grabbed a home win against the Miami Heat (122-117) in their last game.

The Milwaukee Bucks on the other hand will be hosting the Hornets. The Bucks are on a four-game winning streak and they will try to pick up their fifth straight victory. The Bucks have thus far appeared to be in great shape and are currently in third place in the Eastern Conference (33-17). Milwaukee defeated the New Orleans Pelicans in their most recent match by a score of 135-110.

Hornets vs Bucks Prediction and Odds: Home-Away Stats

The Charlotte Hornets have won 2 of the last 5 away games

In the last 5 away games, the Hornets suffered defeats against Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz, and Toronto Raptors. However, they managed to defeat the Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets. Overall, the Charlotte Hornets have an away record of 08-20 this season.

In the last 5 away games

  • The Charlotte Hornets have scored 111.4 points per game.
  • The Charlotte Hornets have conceded 121.4 points per game.
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 3 points or less: 0
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 4-10 points: 3

The Milwaukee Bucks have won 4 of the last 5 Home fixtures.

The Bucks won against the Denver Nuggets, Toronto Raptors, Indiana Pacers, and New Orleans Pelicans. The defeat came against the Charlotte Hornets. The Bucks have a home record of 20-5 as of now.

In the last 5 home games

  • The Milwaukee Bucks have scored 122.6 points per game.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks have conceded 117.6 points per game.
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 3 points or less: 0
  • Number of games that ended with a difference of 4-10 points: 2

The Milwaukee Bucks will have the home advantage.

Bucks vs Hornets Prediction and Odds: Offense and Defense


The Charlotte Hornets are scoring 112 points per game on average. The success rate for field goals is 45.2%, and the success rate for 3-pointers is 32.4%. With an Adjusted Offensive Rating of 110.3, the Hornets are ranked 2nd last in offensive efficiency.

The Milwaukee Bucks score 113.6 points on average each game. They made 36.0% of their 3-point attempts and shot 46% overall. With an Adjusted Offensive Rating of 113.6, the Bucks are ranked 23 in offensive efficiency.

The offense has not been the strength for both teams. However, the Milwaukee Bucks are slightly ahead.


The Charlotte Hornets are currently giving up 118.9 points per game. They average 45.0 rebounds, 8 steals, and 5 blocks per game while playing. The Charlotte Hornets have an adjusted defensive rating of 115.8, which places them in 26th place this season.

This season, the Milwaukee Bucks have given up 111.5 points per game. They continued to record 5.1 blocks, 6.8 steals, and 48.3 rebounds per game. With an Adjusted Defensive Rating of 110.8, the Bucks have the third-best defense among all teams.

The Milwaukee Bucks has a more powerful defense than the Hornets.

Hornets vs Bucks Prediction and Odds

The Milwaukee Bucks will be hosting the Charlotte Hornets in their upcoming game. The Milwaukee Bucks will be starting as home favorites. The bookmakers have favored the Bucks over the Hornets. The latest odds and predictions for this game are:


  • Charlotte Hornets: +11.5 (-119)
  • Milwaukee Bucks: -11.5 (-119)


  • Charlotte Hornets: +475
  • Milwaukee Bucks: -909

Win Probability

  • Charlotte Hornets: 18%
  • Milwaukee Bucks: 82%

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Hornets vs Bucks Prediction and Odds: Last Game Analysis

Will the Hornets gain momentum?

The Charlotte Hornet suffered a huge loss when they lost to Phoenix Suns (128-97). The big win with a difference of 30 points is attributed to Suns’ forward Cam Johnson who scored 24 points and made 9 out of 11 from the field including 6 out of 7 three-pointers. Cris Paul added 14 points and 11 Assists while Dario Saric scored 19 points for the Suns.

The Hornets were seen struggling on the offensive end as they only made 6 out of 23 field goals in the first quarter. Terry Rozier made 19 points for the Hornets but made only 7 out of 21 baskets. Mason also added 17 points.

Will the Bucks continue their dominance?

G. Antetokounmpo showcased a dominating performance in their last home game against the New Orleans Pelicans. Antentokounmpo scored a huge 50 points while playing for only 30 minutes. While Jrue Holiday and Brook Lopez added 17 and 15 points respectively, to win against the Pelicans (135-110).

The Pelicans were struggling on both sides of the court as they were playing without Z. Williamson who is out following an injury.

Hornets vs Bucks Prediction and Odds: Head-to-Head Stats

Between the Bucks and Hornets, there have been 124 regular season games so far. Milwaukee Bucks are leading with 64 victories, and the Charlotte Hornets are not far behind with 60 victories.

If we examine recent encounters, the Hornets have managed to win 3 out of the last 5 games against the Bucks. The last match took place on January 6th, 2023, when the Hornets defeated the Bucks (138-109).

Head-to-Head: Key Highlights (Last 5 Meetings)

  • The Charlotte Hornets hosted 3 games out of which 2 games were won by them.
  • Average Number of Total Points scored: 221.2
  • Average Number of Points scored by the Charlotte Hornets: 111.4
  • Average Number of Points scored by the Milwaukee Bucks: 109.8

Bucks vs Hornets Prediction and Odds: Players to Watch Out

Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Power Forward)

Points Per Game: 31.3 | Rebounds Per Game: 12.0 | Assists Per Game: 5.3

Jrue Holiday (Forward)

Points Per Game: 19.6 | Assists Per Game: 7.4 | Rebounds Per Game: 5.0

Brook Lopez (Center)

Points Per Game: 14.5 | Rebounds Per Game: 6.2 | Blocks Per Game: 2.5

Charlotte Hornets

LaMelo Ball (Point Guard)

Points Per Game: 23.1 | Assists Per Game: 8.2 | Steals Per Game: 1.1

Terry Rozier (Shooting Guard)

Points Per Game: 21.5 | Assists Per Game: 5.1 | Rebounds Per Game: 4.2

P.J. Washington (Power Forward)

Points Per Game: 14.9 | Rebounds Per Game: 4.5 | Steals Per Game: 0.9

Hornets vs Bucks Prediction and Odds: Winner Prediction

Stats Comparison:

  • The Milwaukee Bucks have a home advantage.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks have a performance advantage
  • Milwaukee Bucks leads in defense.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks have an advantage on offense.
  • Overall: Milwaukee Bucks to win

The in-form Bucks will host the Charlotte Hornets in the upcoming game. The Hornets may find themselves at a significant disadvantage due to the absence of K. Oubre Jr. On the other side, the Milwaukee Bucks will want to win this game at home by dominating the Hornets from the start. Giannis can create a headache for the Hornets at both ends of the court. This matchup is predicted to be won by the Bucks.

Considering the overall form of both teams as well as taking into consideration the home advantage, the Milwaukee Bucks will be starting as favorites.

Bucks vs Hornets Prediction and Odds


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