Pirates vs Tigers Prediction and Odds

Pirates vs Tigers Prediction and Odds: The Detroit Tigers are favored by the Bookmakers but Stats favor the Pirates Slightly

In An exciting clash between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Detroit Tigers, scheduled for Tuesday, baseball fans can anticipate a thrilling showdown in the first game of their two-game series.

The Tigers enter this matchup with some momentum, having emerged victorious in their last game against the Mariners on Tuesday, securing a 5-3 win. Jake Rogers played a crucial role in leading the Tigers’ offense, going 1-for-2 with a well-executed double. His contribution added depth to the team’s offensive firepower, helping propel them to victory.

On the other side of the field, the Pirates are coming off a solid triumph over the Orioles, blanking them 4-0 on Tuesday. Mitch Keller’s exceptional outing was instrumental in securing the win for the Pirates.

Pirates vs Tigers Prediction: Home-Away Stats

  • The Detroit Tigers have a balanced home record of 9-9. They have performed better in their recent home games, securing victory in three out of their last five matches at home.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates have a solid away record this MLB season with a 12-10 record. However, they have struggled in their recent away matches, managing to win just one out of their last five games on the road.

Pirates vs Tigers Prediction: Key Stats

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been averaging a batting average of .241, along with 323 hits and 40 home runs. The Pirates also have an on-base percentage of .323.

On the other hand, the Detroit Tigers have plenty of room for improvement in their batting performance. Currently, they have maintained a batting average of .231, with 308 hits and 31 home runs. Their on-base percentage is currently at .294.


moving on to pitching statistics, the Pittsburgh Pirates are playing with an earned run average (ERA) of 3.67 this season. They have a strikeout per nine innings (K/9) rate of 8.7, and their average walks and hits per innings pitched (WHIP) stands at 1.33.

As for the Detroit Tigers, their earned run average stands at 4.41 so far. They also have a strikeout per nine innings (K/9) rate of 8.7, and their average WHIP is 1.33.


  • When examining the batting performance of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Detroit Tigers, the Pirates have a slight edge. With a batting average of .241, the Pirates have showcased more consistency at the plate compared to the Tigers’ .231 batting average. The Pirates have also outperformed the Tigers in terms of hits and home runs, accumulating 323 hits and 40 home runs, while the Tigers have managed 308 hits and 31 home runs. It is worth noting that both teams have room for improvement in their offensive game.
  • Moving on to on-base percentage, the Pirates have a notable advantage with a .323 on-base percentage, indicating their ability to reach base more frequently compared to the Tigers’ .294 on-base percentage. This statistic highlights the Pirates’ effectiveness in creating scoring opportunities.
  • Shifting focus to pitching, the Pirates have exhibited stronger performance in terms of earned run average (ERA). With an ERA of 3.67, their pitching staff has been more effective at limiting opponents’ runs compared to the Tigers, who have an ERA of 4.41. The Pirates’ pitchers have demonstrated the ability to keep games close and give their offense a chance to secure victories.
  • Both teams share a similar strikeout rate (k/9) of 8.7, signifying their pitchers’ ability to generate strikeouts consistently. This showcases the talent and effectiveness of the pitching staffs on both sides. Additionally, both teams possess an average walks plus hits per inning pitched (WHIP) of 1.33, suggesting that they have allowed a similar number of baserunners per inning.
  • In summary, the Pittsburgh Pirates have displayed a slightly superior offensive performance with a higher batting average, more hits, and more home runs. They have also excelled in reaching base with a higher on-base percentage. On the pitching front, the Pirates have showcased a stronger ability to prevent runs, as evidenced by their lower ERA. However, both teams have areas in which they can improve their overall performance, and continued development will be essential for sustained success throughout the season.

Pirates vs Tigers Odds


  • Pittsburgh Pirates: -105
  • Detroit Tigers: -115

Pirates vs Tigers Prediction: Head-to-Head Stats

In the history of their matchups in Major League Baseball (MLB), the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Detroit Tigers have played a total of 63 games against each other. Out of these matches, the Pirates have emerged as the victors in 33 games, while the Tigers have won 30 matches.

However, if we focus on the most recent encounters between the two teams, the Tigers have had the upper hand. In the last five matchups, the Tigers secured victories in four of the games, showcasing their recent dominance. Conversely, the Pirates managed to win only one out of the last five games played between the two team.

Pirates vs Tigers Prediction: Players to Watch Out

Pittsburgh Pirates

  • Bryan Reynolds (LF): Batting Average: .293 | Home Runs: 5 | Hits: 44
  • KE Bryan Hayes (3B): Hits: 35| On Base Percentage: 299 | Batting Average: .235
  • Carlos Santana (1B): Hits: 33 | Batting Average: .239 | On Base Percentage: 0.327

Detroit Tigers

  • Riley Greene (CF): Batting Average: .279 | Hits: 43 | On Base Percentage: .331
  • Spencer Turkelson (1B): Home Runs 3 | Runs Batted In: 13| On Base Percentage: 0.285
  • Javier Baez (SS): On Base Percentage: .311 | Hits: 35 | Home Runs: 3

Pirates vs Tigers Winner Prediction: Last Game Analysis

  • Home Advantage: Tigers
  • Batting Advantage: Pirates
  • Pitching Advantage: Pirates
  1. Offense: Both teams need to improve their batting averages. The Pirates may have a slight advantage in on-base percentage, but both teams should focus on generating more consistent offense and driving in runs.
  2. Pitching: The Pirates have a better ERA and a higher strikeout rate, indicating a stronger pitching staff. They should continue to rely on their pitchers to keep games close and give their offense a chance to compete.
  3. Head-to-head matchups: Despite the Pirates’ historical advantage, recent trends favor the Tigers. The Tigers have been performing well against the Pirates in the last five matchups, winning four of them. It suggests that the Tigers may have a better chance of winning future matchups between the two teams.


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