Cubs vs Twins Prediction and Odds

Cubs vs Twins Prediction and Odds: The Minnesota Twins are the favorites according to the odds, but the statistics slightly favor the Cubs.

Chicago Cubs (18-19) step up to the plate, determined to break free from a grueling three-game road losing streak. Tonight, they find themselves in the heartland of baseball, facing off against the formidable Minnesota Twins (21-17) in their second road game. This matchup promises to be a thrilling battle, as the Cubs aim to silence their critics and regain their winning momentum, while the Twins strive to defend their home turf and solidify their position in the standings.

Cubs and Twins Prediction: Home-Away Stats

The Minnesota Twins have been enjoying a positive aggregate performance when playing on their home turf this season. With a record of 12 wins and 7 losses at home, they have managed to establish a strong presence.

On the other hand, the Chicago Cubs have struggled to replicate the Twins’ success when playing away from their home stadium. With a record of 7 wins and 8 losses in away games, they have faced difficulties in finding their rhythm and maintaining consistency in unfamiliar environments.

Cubs vs Twins Prediction: Key Stats


  • The Minnesota Twins have kept their Batting Average at .220 this season. They added 277 Hits and 47 Home Runs. Their On-Base Percentage is currently at .301.
  • The Chicago Cubs are playing with a Batting Average of .269 so far, along with 345 Hits and 45 Home Runs. They have their On Base Percentage at .343.


  • The Minnesota Twins have maintained an Earned Run Average of 3.29 in the current season. Minnesota Twins has an average K/9 of 9.7 and an average whip of 1.13.
  • The Chicago Cubs have their Earned Run Average at 3.42 They have an average K/9 of 8.5 and The Average Whip is currently at 1.15.

Cubs vs Twins Prediction: Statistical Analysis

  • The Minnesota Twins have displayed a batting average of .220 this season, indicating room for improvement in their offensive performance. However, they have managed to accumulate 277 hits and 47 home runs, suggesting their ability to make impactful hits despite the lower batting average.
  • On-base percentage (OBP) is a crucial metric in evaluating a team’s offensive success, and the Twins currently stand at .301. This indicates that they have been successful in reaching base, whether through hits, walks, or hit-by-pitches, but there is still room for improvement to maximize their scoring opportunities.
  • The Chicago Cubs have been performing significantly better in terms of batting average, boasting a .269 average. This suggests that they have a stronger overall hitting performance, making consistent contact with the ball and getting more base hits.
  • With 345 hits and 45 home runs, the Cubs have demonstrated their offensive prowess and ability to generate runs. Their higher batting average and impressive hit total showcase their effectiveness at the plate.
  • The Cubs also excel in on-base percentage, with a notable .343. This indicates their ability to not only make contact with the ball but also to draw walks and get on base through other means, further increasing their scoring opportunities.
  • Pitching performance is a vital aspect of the game, and the Minnesota Twins have maintained an earned run average (ERA) of 3.29. This showcases their strong pitching staff, effectively limiting the number of runs scored by opponents.
  • The Twins also exhibit impressive strikeout numbers, with an average of 9.7 strikeouts per nine innings (K/9). This suggests that their pitchers possess a good ability to generate strikeouts, which can help control the game and minimize the offensive threat from opponents.
  • The Twins’ average WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched) of 1.13 indicates that their pitchers have been successful in limiting baserunners, displaying good control and preventing opponents from reaching base easily.
  • The Chicago Cubs have a slightly higher ERA at 3.42 but still maintain a solid pitching performance overall. Their average K/9 of 8.5 indicates a decent ability to generate strikeouts, while their WHIP of 1.15 demonstrates effective control on the mound.
  • Overall, the Twins have showcased strong pitching and power hitting, but their batting average and on-base percentage could benefit from improvement. Meanwhile, the Cubs have excelled in batting average, on-base percentage, and power hitting,

Cubs vs Twins Odds


  • Minnesota Twins: -1.5 (+135)
  • Chicago Cubs: +1.5 (-155)


  • Minnesota Twins: -155
  • Chicago Cubs: +135

Twins vs Cubs Prediction: Head-to-Head Stats

the Twins and Cubs have competed in 37 matches, with the Cubs currently holding a lead of 20 wins to 17 wins for the Twins.

In the most recent five meetings between the two teams, the Twins emerged victorious in three games and suffered defeat in two games.

Twins vs Cubs Prediction: Players to Watch Out

Minnesota Twins

  • Byron Buxton (BH): Batting Average: 0.258 | Home Runs: 7 | On Base Percentage: 0.324
  • Jose Miranda (3B): Batting Average: 0.258 | Hits: 26 | On Base Percentage: 0.308
  • Trevor Larnach (LF): Batting Average: 0.242 | Runs Batted In: 18 | On Base Percentage: 0.354

Chicago Cubs

  • Patrick Wisdom (3B): Home Runs: 11 | Runs Batted In: 21 | On Base Percentage: .333
  • Nico Hoerner (2B): Batting Average: .303 | Hits: 46 | On Base Percentage: 0.348
  • Ian Happ (LF): Batting Average: 0.301 | On Base Percentage: .420 | Hits: 37

Cubs vs Twins Prediction: Winner Prediction

The Chicago Cubs have a major advantage over the Minnesota Twins in hitting, boasting a higher batting average, more hits, and a superior on-base percentage. Their ability to consistently make contact and reach base gives them a stronger overall hitting performance. While the Twins struggle with their batting average, they compensate with power hitting and solid pitching, evidenced by their home runs and low ERA. Both teams have similar ERA values and strikeout rates, but the Cubs maintain better control on the mound with a lower WHIP. Overall, the Cubs’ hitting prowess gives them a significant advantage in this game.



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